Thursday, March 25, 2010


50 sit it down:

“I would marry Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Rihanna in Africa, I’d have 3 wives! And I would avoid wearing condoms and have really big families!” the rapper said.

And on the subject of GaGa and Beyoncé he got very vocal about what he saw as a double standard about sexual imagery in videos saying, “I think it’s hot [the Telephone video]. But there’s a shot in the video in the diner that’s just breasts. And it looks great, but if I shot the same shot in my music video, they would make me edit that immediately.”

He added “Even if I had someone who was recognizable female talent that was part of the project, they wouldn’t allow that to go. They would think it was you taking advantage of a girl for marketing purposes or whatever.”

When asked why he thought that was he replied, “It’s their personal perception of your intentions of how you utilize it. Like ‘it’s Britney bitch’ nobody has a problem with that. But if I say ‘it’s Fifty bitch’ everyone’s like oh my god! You got to edit that.”


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