Thursday, December 30, 2010


Now this is funny.....Chris Breezy & Raz B going at it on Twitter.

It all started Wednesday when out of the blue, washed up B2K singer Raz-B made a jab at Breezy.

"Im just sittin here Thinking how can n---- like @ebenet [Eric Benet] and @chrisbrown disrespect women as Intelligent as Halle Berry, Rihanna."

It didn’t take long for Breezy to fire back on his own Twitter account.

In several tweets, Breezy laced into Raz-B, essentially questioning the 25-year-old’s sexuality. Brown referenced allegations Raz-B made about being molested by several of his band's former managers, including one who was his cousin.

Raz-B responded with his own tweet that also questioned Brown’s sexuality and later added, “I luv how u resort 2 disrespectful low brow tactics when u clearly sabotaged ur (sic) own career by beating women!”

Brown eventually tried to take the high road in the digital showdown, but made sure not to back away from his comments tweeting, "I'm not homophobic! He's just disrespectful!!!"

Brown ended it by taking one last shot at Raz-B and his disbanded group writing, "When I need tips on how to demolish my career I'll call ya!!!!!"

GV Says: Too funny...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


In an interview with King Magazine set to hit the newsstands next month, the 'Pink Friday' star had a specific list for what kind of partner she was looking for.

"I look for someone who is calm, someone who is strong enough to not have to win every argument, someone who allows a woman to be her crazy self and someone with a conscience not to feel like less of a man,” she told the mag. “You know, someone who is able to honor his woman but also bring out the freak in his woman.”

When pressed exactly what that meant, she said slyly "Just being super aggressive when the time is right."

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I can't say I'm surprised...Matt Kemp & Rihanna call it quits.

Friends close to her claim "it happened over the last few weeks. She basically was just over it."

Another source claims "he just can't keep up with her crazy travel schedule."

"Matt's sick of always following after her like a puppy dog all over the world. He wants something more normal," the source adds.

Either's over.

GV Says: Well all good things must come to an end. Thank goodness it didn't end with a beat down. Lets hope this doesn't get ugly.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


This is very sad news....R&B singer Teena Marie has passed at the age of 54.

CNN reports that Teen awas found dead by her daughter in her Los Angeles home on Sunday, according to her manager, Mike Gardner.

The cause of death was not immediately known but Marie's publicist, Lynn Jeter, told CNN that she suffered a grand mal seizure a month ago.

Born Marie Christine Brockert in Santa Monica, Calif., Marie released 13 studio albums over the course of her career, which spawned the 1984 hit "Lovergirl."

She was signed to Motown Records in 1976 and was one of their most successful white artists. Marie is perhaps best known for her musical collaborations with the late funk legend Rick James.

Friday, December 24, 2010


Who knew...

Actress Tasha Smith recently married entrepreneur Keith Douglas.

Smith and Douglas announced their engagement six months ago and decided on an intimate ceremony with just the two of them at their Los Angeles home earlier this month.

"We discussed having a small wedding with close family and friends, but instead, we decided to hold a very simple, intimate ceremony with just us and our pastor," said Smith. "We prayed about it and it just felt right for us. It was a beautiful, blessed moment that we will remember forever. We're thankful to God to end the year on such a high note. It's exciting!"

The happy couple honeymooned at the Lake Las Vegas Resort in Nevada.


If you're still a fan of Lauryn Hill, you'll be happy to know that she just announced a series of intimate performances for the winter of 2011.


New York, NY

High Line Ballroom


Brooklyn, NY

Music Hall of Williamsburg


New York, NY

Bowery Ballroom


New York, NY

The Blue Note


New York, NY

The Blue Note


New York, NY

The Blue Note


Charlotte, NC

Amos’ Southend


Asheville, NC

The Orange Peel


Charleston, SC

The Music Farm


Atlanta, GA



St. Louis, MO

The Pageant


Minneapolis, MN

First Avenue


Chicago, IL

House of Blues


Toronto, ON

Sound Academy


Montreal, QC



Atlantic City, NJ

House of Blues


Montclair, NJ

The Wellmont Theatre

GV Says: Good luck with that.


Recently Nene's husband from the Real Housewives of ATL - Greg Leakes - sat down with Kelson and KiKi Brown at 92Q in Baltimore to talk about Nene and his future on RHOA. 'm not sure he's needs to be doing press. This is how he ended up in the first mess.


Diddy and the boys - Quincy Jones Brown, Justin Dior and Christian Casey were spotted at the beaches of St Barths, France for the holiday.

GV Says: Must be nice.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Things are looking good for Fanny... reports that a North Carolina judge ruled in favor of Antwaun Cook in his divorce proceeding against ex-wife Paula saying the pair’s separation date was September 14, 2009 and not June, 2010, as Paula had claimed.

I'm sure this is a good thing for the pending lawsuit which claims she bust up their marriage.

Monday, December 20, 2010


In a recent interview, rapper Wacka Flocka talks about his recent home raid

Sunday, December 19, 2010


The New York Post reports that former Bad Boy MC G. Dep admitted this week to fatally shooting a man nearly 20 years ago.

On Wednesday, the 36-year-old rapper, born Trevell Coleman, walked into the 25th precinct in Harlem and confessed to killing a man way back in 1993.

"I shot and killed someone 17 years ago," he reportedly told an officer at the precinct.

According to the Post report, Dep told police that he was riding a bike when he approached his victim, 32-year-old John Henkel, on Park Avenue and East 114th street near the James Weldon Johnson housing projects. Dep, just 18 years old at the time, was planning to rob Henkel, but when he resisted, shot him three times in the chest with a .40-caliber hand gun. He then fled from the crime scene and threw the gun into the East River. Henkel was pronounced dead at St. Luke's hospital.

The crime took place in the 23rd precinct, so investigators from that station house were contacted. William Dunn, a detective at the 23rd precinct, reportedly reviewed the case, which had gone cold, and found that the rapper's story went hand-in-hand with what was on file.

G. Dep was charged with murder for the 1993 shooting, and is being held without bail.

A police source, in an attempt to explain why Dep would suddenly confess to the crime, said "It was just eating away at him."

"My client is presumed innocent, and the case is going to grand jury," said G-Dep's lawyer, Michael Alperstein.


Hard feelings or real talk? Either way, Nicki's former manager shares her feelings on Pink Friday with

It's terrible. I like some stuff, but she went too left. I don't think people were ready for her to come [out with pop]. When I had Nicki, I really wanted her to sing. That's why I took her for training cause Nicki loves singing, but she kept saying to me, 'Deb, I can't do it yet because people won't understand.' And that's why the [rap] mixture was done to introduce them to all of Nicki. I think [Pink Friday] was very disappointing to a lot of her fans. She didn't need a lot of [the] features. That was one of the biggest things like... you gave people so many features, give them you now. Nicki could be so much better because—outside of anything that people say—she's very multi-talented. I really wish that she would learn to be more of an artist.

I didn't particularly care for ["Roman's Revenge"], but when Eminem came in I liked it. He made the song. [Nicki] didn't have to go there with [Lil' Kim]. My views on that is that she came too far to go back that route. And Kim does not even have to go there. There are no comparisons to them. Some things are best left unsaid. The whole things is stupid. I'm very disappointed that she would go that route. 'Cause I know all that she was taught. She don't have to go there with anybody. That was the stuff we always discussed. People had to learn to love Nicki— that's how the door opened up. It wasn't about Kim or Foxy or any of the rest of them. So I was just a little disappointed [by her album], but If she likes it, I love it.


So Lil is not letting up....

The Queen Bee hit up Angie Martinez on Hot 97 to discuss her new single "Black Friday."

GV Says: This pic says it all. Point made....

Friday, December 17, 2010


I don't care how much you don't like them, the Kardashian Christmas card is the hotness!!!!

"Christmas cards have always been a REALLY big deal in my family," Khloe blogged. "For as long as I can remember, my mom has made it a point to go all out, whether it was a ninja turtles themed card, or bringing a Santa into the mix, each year she always managed to top the year before. "I'd have to say though that our card this year might be my favorite."

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Mimi is carrying twins....well that explains a lot.

On Thursday, Cannon himself put rumors to rest on his radio show, telling listeners, "We are having twins." The two have been cautious about revealing too many details since they've had a "long journey" to parenthood, which included a miscarriage in 2008. But when President Barack Obama happened to ask about her pregnancy, Carey just couldn't keep a secret.

While performing at TNT's Christmas in Washington 2010 on Sunday, Carey ran into President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama backstage. "They, ironically enough, questioned my wife about, you know, 'So, what are you having, are you having twins?' " Cannon said Thursday morning on his 92.3 Rollin' With Nick Cannon radio show. "And at this point she hadn't told anybody anything because doctors advised us to keep it to ourselves until we get further along," he said. "And because of the excitement, because of the emotion, she was overwhelmed [and] she shared with the President and First Lady that we are having twins."

GV Says: Good....I rarely say that's because it's somewhat rude, but she is big. Twins explains it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Lil Kim hasn't dropped an album in over five years, but it seems Twitter has kept her current. So current that she was the only rap artist to place on Twitter's "2010 Trends on Twitter" People list.

Behind her is Mel Gibson (#4). Pop singer Justin Bieber landed at #1 on the list, which also includes Lady Gaga (#3) and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange (#4). Other top trends on Twitter in 2010 included the Gulf oil spill, the Haiti earthquake, the conflict's between the Koreas, "Cablegate," Lebron James, Mike Vick, Google Android, Apple IOS and others.
Rappers Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Rihanna all landed on Twitter's "Top 10 Most Retweeted Tweets" list as well.


It seems Hov made a stop at the Sydney Opera House yesterday to tape 1 of 2 episodes of "The Oprah Show"

Hov has been seen around Aussie land touring with U2


First Hov, now Dame Dash is the one to blame for Beans' drop to the bottom...

In a recent interview with Star & Bucwild he revealed that Dame owes him a whopping $11 million and that he hasn't spoken to Dame in nearly 6 years. He also claims that Dame helping him out during his court case was just a PR stunt.

Here's the full interview:

GV Says: Here's a thought....get a job. And you know full well Dame does not owe him $11M Primarily because Beans never did anything valued at that amount. Keep it 100....

Monday, December 13, 2010


He's not making music, but he's managed to get in the news....for some foolishness though....

Ja Rule is headed to prison for two years after pleading guilty today to driving with a loaded gun after a 2007 concert.

"This isn't a good day, fellas," he said grimly as he left Manhattan Supreme Court.

The plea to attempted weapon possession in the second degree, a violent felony, came just before his trial was scheduled to start.

Ja Rule, 34, whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins, was busted with a loaded .40-caliber Taurus pistol inside his Maybach as he and two pals left the Beacon Theater on the upper West Side following a Lil Wayne & Friends concert in July 2007.

Lil Wayne, real name Dwayne Carter, was also arrested for gun possession that night. He took the same plea as Ja Rule but received only one year in jail. He was released from Rikers recently after an eight-month stint.

He will get a similar prison time to the one accepted by Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who shot himself in the leg inside a night club.

Ja Rule faced 3 1/2 to 15 years in prison had he been convicted for the top charge in trial.

Ja Rule's road manager, Dennis Cherry, is expected to cop a no-jail plea by the end of the month, a source said. The other man who was arrested in the rapper's car, driver Mohamed Gamal, has died of cancer.

Ja is due back in court Feb. 9 to schedule a sentencing date. Justice Richard Carruthers instructed him to make his next court appearance and stay out of trouble until he's sent Upstate for two years to be followed by a year and a half of post-release supervision.

"If you fulfill all of these conditions, I will sentence you as I have indicated," the judge told him.

Thursday, December 09, 2010


Just in case you wondered, Beyonce showed just how much she loves her husband Jay-Z by reportedly presenting him with a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, on his birthday.

The rap mogul turned 41 on Dec. 4 and to celebrate, The Sun reports his better half bought him one of the world's fastest and most expensive production cars ever built.
The Veyron Grand Sport is powered by a 16.4-liter engine that produces 1,000 horsepower with a top speed of 253 mph and a 0-60 mph time of just 2.7 seconds. And the price for all that speed and power: a cool $2 million.Beyonce can certainly afford it. According to Forbes, she made $87 million this year. Jay-Z is no slouch in the earnings department either, he has a business empire and a fortune estimated at $450 million.

The Veyron will add to Jay-Z's impressive car collection which according to The Sun includes a Maybach 62S, Ferrari F430 Spider and a Pagani Zonda Roadster.


Alicia and Swizz have been giving back

It seems he and his new wifey have been keeping busy by adopting a village.


Khloe, Khloe, Khloe....

Like so many, she is outraged over the TSA's new security measures.

Appearing on Monday's episode of "Lopez Tonight," the reality star compared the invasive pat-downs and X-ray scans to being sexually assaulted.

"They basically are just raping you in public," the 26-year-old Kardashian told comedian George Lopez. "I don't want that X-ray to see everything, honey!"

Unfortunately, the comparison has drawn the ire of groups like the Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center as well as high-profile attorney, Gloria Allred.

Jazmin Robles, a community education coordinator at the center, told that Kardashian's comment "was an ill-informed thing for her to say."

"It was a very strong comment to make because rape is defined as 'forceful penetration,'" Robles said. "And a lot of young women look up to celebrities like the Kardashians."

"Maybe Khloe Kardashian is not educated enough on this subject to be talking about it in the context of airport security," she added.

And while Kardashian did say she found the security agents she dealt with to be "aggressive," Allred countered to Radar that "rape is a crime of violence."

"I believe that the word should not be used loosely to describe security measures at airports or at any other place," she said. "I think that many victims of sexual assault who have been the true victims of men who committed that violent crime against them and who have been forced to suffer the physical and emotional harm that results from that crime would be insulted that the term would be used in the way that Ms. Kardashian used it."

Allred added that, "Words matter and the word 'rape' should be used with caution and with great respect for the victims who have been forced to endure it. It is completely inappropriate to use that word for scans or pat-downs at airports."

Jessica M. Cavey, a communications specialist at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, echoed those sentiments.

"We do take exception to the use of the word 'rape' to describe airport security procedures, because that is both unfair to security personnel who have a different purpose for touching people," she said, "and it also minimizes the experience of an actual rape, which is a very severe and traumatic form of violence."


Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin has cancer, her family announced on Wednesday.

Her relatives and sources close to her confirmed the sad news to Detroit's Fox 2 station and The Detroit News, adding they are deeply worried about the icon's health.

Franklin, 68, underwent a mysterious surgery last Thursday at a Detroit hospital for an undisclosed condition.

She released a statement after the procedure to reassure her fans, but did not specify the reason for her operation.

"The surgery was highly successful," she said. "God is still in control. I had superb doctors and nurses whom were blessed by all the prayers of the city and the country. God bless you all for your prayers!"

The day after her surgery, Franklin visited with the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who said she was making an impressive recovery.

"She's doing very well," Jackson told The Detroit News. "She's very prayerful. She's a woman of deep religious faith."

Speculation about Franklin's poor health has been brewing since November, when the singer canceled all of her upcoming concerts due to "medical reasons."

The National Enquirer claimed Wednesday that Franklin was actually diagnosed with incurable pancreatic cancer months ago.

The Enquirer "claims doctors made the glum diagnosis after Aretha broke her ribs in a shower fall over the summer," reports Popcrunch, which obtained the report.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


This time last year, T.I. was counting down the days to his release to a halfway house after winding down a prison term on gun possession charges. But another Christmas is about to pass and the King of the South will again celebrate from behind prison bars in an Arkansas lockup, where he's in the midst of an 11-month sentence for violating his probation.

Looks like he's penned another letter letting fans know where his head is at:

"So here it is...NO MERCY, the most honest and intimate installment of my life story as promised," he wrote of the album, recorded earlier this year as he was preparing to leave the halfway house and get back to his career after nine months behind bars.

"Hope y'all enjoy it and it lives up to the very high standards I've set for myself or anyone who's to be considered one of the best. I must admit it takes a lot to go through as much as I have and still keep the love in your heart and in your art. But at the end of the day, if that's what it takes to produce the music that keeps the world of hip-hop evolving on it's axis....Then even the lowest of the lows of my life was all worth it. Thanks again for your prayers, your time and attention. And remember....It doesn't matter how long it'll be before the next time you see me. What matters is that I'll be a better man before that time comes. The longer I sit, the smarter I get."

Last month, he penned a note in which he admitted he was tired of being in and out of prison. In this one, T.I. thanked fans who've been writing to him and lifting his spirits every day; he assured them he reads all of their missives and cherishes their kind words. And while he admitted he could never write them all back (though, at the end of the post, he included a long list of people who'd sent him letters), he gave them a collective shout-out.

"It's a relief to know that there still are people who see a man with a life and not just another headline in the news," he said. "Most of you sound very concerned and optimistic at the same time about my situation. Let me assure you all that I am definitely keeping my head up. I don't consider myself done by far. Also many of you are convinced as I am that God has a plan for me that he's preparing me for. How do you tell God Almighty that all you wanna do is LIVE LIFE ??? What if all you wanna do is be a father to your kids, a husband to your wife, and son to your mother while providing insightful motivation through music and lending a helping hand when possible to those who need it most. Well guys...That's the topic of discussion between me and the MOST HIGH at the moment. I'll keep you posted on how it turns out."


Our favorite celebrities have officially been digitally resurrected!

After six days of being "Digitially Dead," celebs like Kim Kardashian, Alicia Keys and Justin Timberlake are free to Tweet and Facebook to their heart's content, since $1 million was raised for "Keep a Child Alive." (According to TMZ, billionaire pharmaceutical mogul Stewart Rahr was instrumental in helping the campaign reach its goal, donating $500,000 to the campaign Tuesday.)

Khloe Kardashian blogged:

"Hi dolls! I’m soooooo happy to be digitally alive again LOL. Thank you so much to everyone who donated and bought my life back, it was for a truly worthy cause and it was an honor to participate. As you all know, I’m quite the blogaholic, tweetaholic and facebookaholic LOL. Basically, I love the internet, and it was no easy feat staying away for this long. I had to keep myself entertained somehow! So while I was digitally dead, I had quite a few crazy adventures. I hear Kim had had a few of her own, head over to her blog to see what she was up to!"