Tuesday, November 30, 2010


After calling off her wedding and vowing to not return to VH1s Basketball Wives, Gloria Govan is returning to the show and the wedding is back on.

Gloria’s public relations agency sent out a release today confirming the couple would return to the show and she was hosting a party in Los Angeles this weekend in honor of Matt Barnes signing with the Lakers.

From the release: “Make sure to tune into VH1 this season for ‘Basketball Wives’ and I can tell you that you will not be disappointed,” states the beauty siren, Gloria Govan.

GV Says: Boo...


Eva and Flo Rida.....say it ain't so.

The two hit the red carpet at an L.A. event Monday night and little stolen kisses were spotted everywhere.

GV Says: I thought he didn't date famous people....or did they just apply to Brandy.


Looks like more of our favorite artist are going dead digitally for AIDS.

GV Says: I love this idea.


Kanye West interviews Rihanna in the new issue of Interview magazine.

"How does it feel to know that you could have any man in the world? Or woman?" asked West, according to the transcript published by Interview. "How does it feel to know that you can turn straight women gay?"

"Is that a real question?" said Rihanna.

"Yeah," West replied.

"Well...Thank you. I don't know how to feel about that," she said. "I guess that's flattering."

"But just to have that level of power. How do you deal with it?" West asked. "No one woman should have that much power."

"I try not to depend on it," said Rihanna. "It's just a part of what's happening right now in my life, and I appreciate it. It helps a lot."

The "Umbrella" singer, who found herself at the center of a very public scandal when attacked by ex-boyfriend Chris Brown last year, says she isn't just the tough rock star she appears.

"I do have a vulnerable side," she told West. "I think a lot of peo­ple have a misperception of me. They only see the tough, defensive, aggressive side. But every woman is vulnerable...It's not a major part of who I am, but it's definitely there. I just don't like people to see me cry-I don't like to let them know when I'm bothered. You know?"

"I could probably learn something from that," the controversy-stricken West replied.

Rihanna also talked about the first time she met and auditioned for Jay-Z, a nerve-wracking experience for the then-unknown.

"I mean, I was 16. From Barbados. Like, you would never...The chances of ever meeting somebody famous or ever being signed-that was just a deadly combination," she said.

"Do you know any famous people now?" asked West.

"Huh?" Rihanna laughed.

The singer, 22, has moved on since her experience with Brown to a healthy relationship with baseball player Matt Kemp, and says kids could be right around the corner for the pair -- or way down the line.

"I have a lot of other stuff to accomplish before I get to kids," she said. "Whenever the time is right, I'll just know...It could be a year from now. It could be 10 years from now. Whenever is right."


Jay-Z wrote to a federal judge saying he'd offer a job to a jailed cocaine trafficker for whom the rapper once worked. According to The Smoking Gun, Jay said he'd give Emory Jones a $50,000 job at his Roc Apparel Group. "I believe his attributes -- including intelligence, interpersonal skills and solid work ethic -- will be a significant asset for my organization . . . he is an honest and reliable individual; it would be a privilege to offer him an opportunity," Jay-Z wrote to Judge Benson Legg in a letter included in a sentence reduction plea for Jones. The Smoking Gun reports Jones pleaded guilty to a cocaine trafficking charge and was sentenced in January 2000 to nearly 16 years. But Legg shaved time off his sentence, and Jones was released in April. Jay referenced his relationship with Jones in the 2006 "Do U Wanna Ride."


"Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada has a high opinion of her celebrity status now that she's engaged to Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco. She recently announced on Twitter that she was engaged to him after dating for five months. She then tweeted a photo of the ring and said, "I'm no rabbit but 10 carats looks good on me!" When asked about their engagement at Thursday's Jets-Bengals game, the VH1 star was overheard saying, "We are like Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Private people."

GV Says: Really....guess there's no truth to that reality series you've been offered to film the wedding planning.


The British GQ goes red with Rihanna...cute.


Well when did all this happen?

The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star is engaged to Atlanta Falcons defensive end Kroy Biermann, according to RadarOnline.com.

Zolciak, who recently revealed she is three-months pregnant with the couple's first child, has been dating the NFL star since May after the two met at a celebrity dance competition in Atlanta.

"I definitely don't want to get married while I'm pregnant," she told the mag last week. "But I can see myself marrying Kroy in the future."

Zolciak, 32, reportedly wanted to announce her big news in a national publication, but she was unable to contain her excitement and told some friends.

"Only a few people know about it," a source told Radar. "They are both really happy about both the baby and their engagement and cannot wait to start their new lives together."

Beirmann, 25, popped the question with a "substantial ring" that the reality star is keeping hidden from the public for the time being, Radar reports.

Zolciak, who has daughters Brielle, 13, and Ariana, 9, from a previous marriage, told Life & Style she is looking forward to her new life with Biermann.

"While it wasn't planned," she said. "God clearly has a bigger and better plan for us and we're excited."

GV Says: I wonder what the old man thinks about that.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Well Nelly's not happy these days.

His latest project, '5.0', debuted November 16th and took the #10 spot on the Billboard's Top 200 albums. However, it only sold 63k in it's first week. In comparison, label mate Kanye sold 530k of 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' the following week Nicki Minaj's 'Pink Friday' also sold over 400k in it's first week.

Nelly vented via Twitter about Motown/Universal's lack of marketing for his album.

The rapper tweeted, "A record deal is a 50/50 partnership!As a artist its your job to provide the record company with music that they(record company) can sell,Thing about the partnership is that n the public eye the responsibility is not 50/50!the artist is always the 1who catches 90% of the blame."

He continued tweeting saying, "If u only ship 200 thound [thousand] of an album how many are u f#cking tryen [sic] to sell?? the artist does control that nor does he or she control marketing."

GV Says: Does anyone remember when Nelly was a proponent of taking breaks between albums and making sure you don't wear out fans...you gotta make them miss you he said. SMH.....that didn't turn out so good for my boy. How about strike while the iron's hot.


Jay-Z's first book Decoded has landed him on The New York Times Best Sellers list.

The memoir Decoded debuted at No. 3 on the Hardcover Nonfiction edition of The New York Times Best Sellers list for the week of December 5. The top two spots are occupied by former President George W. Bush’s autobiography Decision Points and Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken.

The book, which provides insight into Jay-Z’s lyrics and life, has seen brisk sales since its release earlier this month. It was included on Oprah’s coveted “Favorite Things” show and is currently in the top 10 sellers on Amazon.com.


The Black Eyed Peas will headline the Bridgestone Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show on February 6.

The group will perform at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

GV Says: It's so nice to have someone who's not a senior citizen perform. After JJ whipped it out, the Super Bowl execs just went to the far extreme.


To raise awareness for World AIDS Day Dec. 1, Kim Kardashian appears in a new ad in which she lays in a coffin.

"Kim Kardashian Is Dead," the ad reads, explaining that she has sacrificed her digital life "to give real life to millions of others affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India," the ad reads. "Visit BuyLife.org or text ‘KIM’ to ‘90999’ to buy her life now."

She is among the stars participating in the Digital Life Sacrifice event, in which she's quitting Twitter and Facebook until $1 million is raised.

The event is organized by Alicia Keys, who is the global ambassador for the charity.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Rihanna hit up MTV's Seven this week to give a performance.


Look who's been taped as one of the GQ men of the year...nice photo


According to the rumor mill there's been a pause in the divorce proceedings for Matthew and Tina.

Instead of actually showing up to their divorce trial that was supposed to start yesterday in Houston, both Matthew and Tina were nowhere to be found. So the judge dismissed the case.

It's not clear if Tina and Mathew have reconciled or plan to pursue the divorce at a later date. Neither party's legal team has filed any further court actions.


Well she confirmed it on Ellen.

It's the first child for Pink and her husband Carey Hart. She tells Ellen DeGeneres why she kept her pregnancy secret.

"I was just really nervous," Pink admits to DeGeneres. "I have had a miscarriage before, but if I was going to talk about it with anyone, it was going to be with you."

And the singer's baby-to-be was definitely planned, she says. "I worked for it...It was not an 'Oops.'"

GV Says: Congrats!


Or at least that's what they're claiming for now...

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are hitting back at rumors the pair are divorcing.

On Tuesday, buzz that the two were calling it quits hit fever pitch after TMZ reported that Parker had filed for divorce.

The gossip site cited two clerks at a local Texas courthouse who said the divorce was filed on Monday and sealed by a judge.

E! Online also fanned the flames, pointing to Longoria's last-minute cancellation of a scheduled taping for Anderson Cooper's CNN Heroes special, set to be filmed Saturday.

"Something is going on in Eva Longoria Parker's world," wrote E!'s Marc Malkin, "And it doesn't sound good."

But a rep for Eva quickly shot down the divorce talk, telling E! the report was "100% false" and that "Tony did not file for divorce from Eva."

Parker's reps reiterated the statement to Celebuzz.

TMZ later updated its story, citing a third clerk reportedly in charge of sealed records, who said no such divorce case had come to the court.

A court spokesman also told E! "there is no record" of their divorce filing.

However, a source told rag mag People that Eva plans to file divorce papers of her own as early as Wednesday.

Longoria was "totally and completely blindsided" by reports appearing this week of infidelity by her NBA star husband, the source says.

Friday, November 12, 2010


The Hammer/ Hov beef is over!!! Sigh of relief....(sarcastic)

“7 Days is enough. I'm Accepting Jay Z at his "Word" and moving on. I made my point. #KingHammer,” he tweeted.
GV Says: This was dumb from Day 1. Hammer as a grown man....even growner than Jay, you should be ashamed. Everyone talks about his financial woes. It's no secret. I wonder why when Jay did it, it was a diss.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


So in true Kanye form, he's regretting yet another one of actions. This time it's his recent appearance on the Today morning show.

In the extended interview, an irritated West says to Lauer, "Yo, how am I supposed to talk if you're gonna run the thing in the middle while I'm talking?," he said, referring to the Swift footage. Lauer then asks producers to turn the volume down so the singer can proceed.

"Please don't let that happen again. It's ridiculous," the singer added.

West, sometimes stumbling and at loss for words, said earlier in the interview that he wanted to "man up to different mistakes" he made and wished he chose his words differently when he said "George Bush doesn't care about black people" in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

West made the heated statements about the former president during a 2005 televised fundraiser for victims of the hurricane.

Bush says in his recently-released memoir, "Decision Points," that the West incident marked an "all-time low" during his time in office.

In the beginning of the interview, the singer also became annoyed when the network showed West footage of an emotional Bush speaking about how hurt he was that West called him racist.

"I didn't need you guys to show me the tape in order to like prompt my emotions," West snapped.

After the interview, Kanye tweeted Tuesday "I feel very alone very used very tortured very forced very misunderstood very hollow very very misused." And in an even more bizarre message, he wrote "Everything sounds like noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING SOUNDS LIKE NOISE!!!!!!! I don't trust anyone!"

Lauer stood by the interview. He added that despite the West "hubbub," Lauer was looking forward to the rapper's live performance on "Today" on Nov. 26.


The NY Daily News reports that Janet was a little upset about Oprah's recent interview with Michael's kids.

Even though Janet has been on "Oprah" several times, she didn't think the kids should have done it," says an insider. Jackson's handlers did not respond to requests for comment. Her brother Randy Jackson recently voiced his displeasure in a more public fashion.

Thursday, November 04, 2010


Fantasia is continuing to hold her head high with the release of "I'm Doin' Me"

GV Says: I like the song. I can't stay mad at Fanny.


Celebs walked the red carpet event for the first American Pole Fitness Championships.

Latoya James (Winner of Oxygen network's Dance Your Ass Off this season) and actor/ comedian Damon Wayans.

photos courtesy of VELVET PHOTOS

Marlo took home the big prize....for a good reason.

photos courtesy of APFA


Authorities in Atlanta say charges against rapper Gucci Mane after he resisted arrest during a traffic stop have been dropped.

But he was advised by a judge that the charges, which were dropped Wednesday, could be reinstated later.

Mane was arrested Tuesday. Police say an off-duty police officer saw Gucci Mane's white Hummer being driven recklessly.

Atlanta Police spokesman Curtis Davenport says officers who responded to the call used pepper spray on Gucci Mane when he assaulted another person after an argument. Authorities say he resisted arrest before being apprehended.

Gucci Mane was charged with obstruction of officers, interference with government property, reckless driving and other charges.


After getting her son arrested, Mario's mom is dropping assault charges she pressed against him in early October.

Shawntia Hardaway was intoxicated when she told police her son, whose real name is Mario Dewar Barrett, had pushed her, causing "minor pain," according to police reports. Hardaway's attorney, Richard Woods, said she was simply upset when she filed the report.

"It was much to do about nothing," Woods said, according to the Baltimore Sun. "I met with her, she told me what happened and there wasn't any criminal action on the part of Mario."

Hardaway told police on Sept. 27 that Mario pushed her "eight feet into a living room wall," causing her to strike her head.

Mario was arrested and charged with one count of second-degree assault and later released after he posted a $50,000 bond.

His attorney pointed to Hardaway's drug use as a reason for the initial accusations.

"It was clear from the beginning that Mario never touched or struck his mother," he said. "She was under the influence of drugs when she gave her statement to police. To her credit, she corrected her statement in court today."

Barrett, to his credit, stood by his mother throughout the ordeal, though he has spoken out before about his mother's drug addiction.

GV Says: SMH....


Jay-Z is laughing off MC Hammer's dis.

Hammer, who achieved hip-hop immortality with "U Can't Touch This" nearly 20 years ago, made a comical return this week with a video for "Better Run Run."

In it he slammed Jay-Z and accused him of being an impostor who stole his "swagger."

Hammer recorded his dis in response to Jay-Z's verse in a new Kanye West song, "So Appalled," which referred to Hammer's money woes from the '90s.

"I didn't know that wasn't on the table for discussion," Jay-Z told British radio.

Jay claims he has nice things to say about Hammer in his book "Decoded," set to be published Nov. 16.

"He's going to be embarrassed," he said. "I said some really great things about him in the book ... It is what it is. He took it the wrong way."

GV Says: I didn't know we couldn't talk about Hammer either.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


The cast for Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls grace the cover of Essence


After being hit with sexual lawsuits by four young men, the bishop finally speaks via four filed lengthy responses maintaining that the sexual allegations are false.

Yesterday Bishop Eddie Long asked that the four lawsuits be dismissed and judgment be entered in his favor.

The suits claimed that the young men were coerced into having sex with Bishop Long in exchange for fancy gifts, trips, jobs and the chance to hobnob with celebrities. Each man claimed the bishop used biblical scriptures to justify their sexual interactions and he encouraged them to call him "Daddy."

In his responses, Bishop Long said it has been a practice of his to occasionally share a room with members of his congregation. And while he admitted to giving the plaintiffs gifts, including cars and money, it was not in exchange for sex. He said he "provided sporadic financial assistance," and he routinely pays for rent and other expenses for New Birth members in need. He added that "the plaintiff's claims of sexual misconduct are not true."

In his responses, each about 30 pages, Bishop Long denied each accusation point by point. He admitted that he took the men on trips, but he denied having sexual contact, though he did "hug" some of the men, which is common among his church congregation.

In the filings, the bishop admitted to speaking on the phone with the men, but said he could not recall who initiated the calls. He also admitted that the men called him "Daddy," "Bishop" and "Granddaddy," as do many members of his congregation.

Bishop Long responds to Anthony Flagg's lawsuit
Bishop Long responds to Spencer LeGrande's lawsuit
Bishop Long responds to Jamal Parris' lawsuit
Bishop Long responds to Maurice Robinson's lawsuit


His rap career may be on the down side but he has mastered staying in the limelight. Apparently 50 thinks he found some sort of gem in pretending to date late night talk host Chelsea Handler.

The pair were spotted having lunch in Malibu Sunday and leaving in the rapper's Rolls Royce.

Sources claim the comedienne and 50 have been "casually dating," but Handler herself dismissed the claim last month.

"Everyone, calm down," she tweeted Oct. 6 after the duo was photographed looking cozy in a New Orleans bar. "I met with mr. Cent about a potential project."

The late-night host even insisted, "There's nothing to report yet. ill let you know if there is."