Thursday, December 30, 2010


Now this is funny.....Chris Breezy & Raz B going at it on Twitter.

It all started Wednesday when out of the blue, washed up B2K singer Raz-B made a jab at Breezy.

"Im just sittin here Thinking how can n---- like @ebenet [Eric Benet] and @chrisbrown disrespect women as Intelligent as Halle Berry, Rihanna."

It didn’t take long for Breezy to fire back on his own Twitter account.

In several tweets, Breezy laced into Raz-B, essentially questioning the 25-year-old’s sexuality. Brown referenced allegations Raz-B made about being molested by several of his band's former managers, including one who was his cousin.

Raz-B responded with his own tweet that also questioned Brown’s sexuality and later added, “I luv how u resort 2 disrespectful low brow tactics when u clearly sabotaged ur (sic) own career by beating women!”

Brown eventually tried to take the high road in the digital showdown, but made sure not to back away from his comments tweeting, "I'm not homophobic! He's just disrespectful!!!"

Brown ended it by taking one last shot at Raz-B and his disbanded group writing, "When I need tips on how to demolish my career I'll call ya!!!!!"

GV Says: Too funny...

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