Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Looks like you don't fool with Elin. The NY Daily News reports that she trapped him with a text message.

Elin Nordegren pretended to be him while she tapped out a tawdry text to her rival, Rachel Uchitel, a new report says.

"I miss you," Elin Nordegren wrote. "When are we seeing each other again?"

After Uchitel texted back, Nordegren called her on the phone.

When she answered, the angry wife reportedly said, "I knew it was you."

"Oh, f---," a stunned Uchitel reportedly replied and hung up.

Citing two sources close to Woods' angry wife, Gerald Posner, a reporter for The Daily Beast Web site, presented the first in-depth account of what happened moments before the world's best golfer crashed his SUV into a tree on Nov. 27 - and totaled his carefully crafted family man image.

Posner reported Nordegren was so angry that she grabbed a golf club and chased her philandering husband out of their Florida mansion.

Since then, Woods has been unmasked as a serial cheater with a harem of hotties and is now being treated for sex addiction at a Mississippi clinic.

Woods, according to Posner, was aware that the National Enquirer was about to blow the lid off his alleged affair with Uchitel and warned Nordegren on the day before Thanksgiving that the exposé was about to land.

The golfer told Nordegren that he and Uchitel were just friends. He even put the New York party girl on the phone with his wife to reassure her.

When Nordegren learned that the Enquirer was reporting that Tiger and Uchitel had a romantic rendezvous in Australia, she confronted the golfer.

Rather than fight, Woods took an Ambien and hit the hay, the report says.

It was while her husband was snoozing that Nordegren started snooping through Woods' cell phone and discovered his text messages to Uchitel's number, including one that read, "You are the only one I've loved."

After Nordegren confirmed her suspicions about Uchitel, she hunted down her husband and screamed him out of his sleeping pill-induced stupor, Posner reported.

Woods quickly grabbed his phone, locked himself in a bathroom and texted Uchitel a warning.

According to Posner, Woods wrote that his wife knew about the affair, that he was packing his clothes - and that his marriage might be over.

When Woods emerged, Nordegren pounced - punching him in the chest and arms with her fists and then grabbing the golf club, Posner reported.

A terrified Woods fled the mansion in his bare feet and roared off in the SUV - and into infamy.

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