Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Really....isn't it about time.

Lohan received no sympathy from L.A. Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel, who found she violated probation on a pair of 2007 DUI busts.

A weepy LiLo made a last-ditch plea for freedom, bizarrely invoking her charity work with Moroccan children at one point.

"I'm not taking this as a joke," the party-hearty actress said during a rambling speech in which she broke down twice.

"It's my life. It's my career. I've learned."

An unmoved Revel sentenced Lohan to three consecutive 30-day sentences - three times what prosecutors were seeking - to be followed by rehab.

"She comes and goes as she pleases," said Revel. "There's been a history of that. No excuses."

Revel dismissed Lohan's appeal for leniency as insincere, citing her record of lying repeatedly about drinking and drugging.

"It's like somebody who cheats doesn't think they're cheating until they get caught," the judge said.

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