Wednesday, July 28, 2010


NY Daily News is report that Hov may be a little hot with LeBron...

The Internet is popping with a report that Hov, who's also a minority owner of the New Jersey Nets, is upset that James kept him out of the loop on his decision to join the Miami team.

Supposedly, "EXTREMELY CREDIBLE insider" says Jay felt disrespected that King James did not consult with him during the free agency process."

And Gatecrasher got a similar take from a source in Jay-Z's camp. "Jay never expected LeBron to sign with the Nets. He knew that no 25-year-old kid with James' profile was going to spend years in Newark," the source tells Gatecrasher. "But he's pissed, or at least disappointed, that LeBron didn't consult with him."

Another NBA insider says Jay-Z's real source of dissatisfaction should be with Nets owner Prokhorov. "The Nets have no basketball team," the source says, saying that Prokhorov "overpromoted and overmarketed" the team, but wasn't able to deliver a player with genuine box-office appeal.

GV Says: I actually think it's all good between these two

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