Monday, February 07, 2011


Here's a sign that 50 is washed up....taking stabs at random people.

“Old 2003 Ferrari” name checks Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, Nas and drops a subliminal diss towards Rick Ross all in the first verse alone.

50 Cent spits: “It’s ‘O11 why that Maybach an ’06/This n--ga boo booed up with my old b---h/I put paper before hoes, that’s why I’m so rich/I paved the way, long di--, now we all fit/Doc check my temperature, why I’m so cold?/The hood left the left side of my chest froze/I’m more about pimpin’ gettin’ bank rolls/Sitting watch em trickin’ on them stank hoes/We can share love like Kanye and Khalifa/From runways in Milan to big bags of reefer/She alright for a night but don’t keep her/Ask Nas, Kelis was the illest ether.”

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