Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Apparently Steve has had enough.

He is fighting back after his ex wife, Mary Harvey, attacked him on YouTube last month, claiming he was a chronic cheater who took their son and left her with nothing after they split.

In order to set the record straight, Steve Harvey asked to lift the gag order placed on their 2005 divorce proceedings. He also released a statement on Monday disputing his ex's allegations.

According to their divorce settlement, Mary Harvey was paid $40,000 a month until March 2009 and then given a lump sum of $1.5 million. In addition, she was awarded three homes.

Regarding their son Wynton, Steve Harvey was awarded primary custody and the 13-year-old was willingly sent to his father, according to the statement.

As to accusations of infidelity, their divorce was granted due to "irreconcilable differences." The document also states that his current wife, Marjorie Bridges, "was not named in the original divorce proceeding nor was she the cause of the marital break-up."

GV Says: This is a mess and I don't care what anyone says something went down for her to strike out after what two-three years.


desiree parker said...

every time a younger, prettier women comes along, you cannot drop the wife you're with and married the new one. this one makes no. 4. all your ex-wives can't be wrong..... steve you need to talk with a relationship expert. heeeeeeeee. steve you're dog....

Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed in Steve Harvey. No matter how many well known Preachers and Stars you surround yourself with, at the end of the day when you are alone, you know what you did!

Anonymous said...

You no what everyone try 2 make it out that these Celebs are living right and they are down low dirty as hell. I am so disappointed in Steve Harvey because he protrade his self as a man who has it all together. See you really don't no until something like this happen. That's why God is who he is! When you get fames theres a price to pay. But you have to put God first in everything or he will expose you for who you are.

Anonymous said...

Thats why we cannot afford to idle anyone because man will always let you down. Here it is this man is on the radio given people advise about relationship and his is tore up from the floor up. He gets on men hard about disrepection there woman and you the very one cheating on yours. Let ask this is there one man out there who can say dedecatied to there women. Is sex all people can think about. What to communication at home given the mate a chance to get it together. I tell this world his head for destruction because God is not happy with none of this mess going on today. Morals and respect is out the door. Nobody is stepping up and saying enough is enough. We are putting up with this sin that God hates. Wow!

Anonymous said...

I often question when a person is married for the third/fourth time. It can't be everybody else!!!!

Anonymous said...

maybe he did cheat and now he is a changed man. so now he can tell people what not to do

Mz Carey said...

Steve never said he was perfect. He has a past just like everyone one else. He also said he was a changed man. He didn't have God in his life back then like he does now. Who are we to judge someone's past. We are not God. He only has to answer to one man and that's God!!! So everybody else need to mind their own business and leave Steve alone. Steve is human just like us. Just because he is a celebrity doesn't make him any different than any one else. What he is going through is between him and our heavenly father. Keep your head up Steve!!! God has your back!!!

Saber A Muslim said...

Let he who is without sin (myself included) cast the first stone. How many of us here know the story of Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him) in which he gathered several people around him who accused a woman of adultery. Jesus (in one of his thousands of miracles) fashioned a mirror in the sand, and summoned the people to come take a look. Several of them ran away when they saw the sinful darkness of their own souls reflected back to them. Jesus again summoned the remaining people and the same thing happen. We all need to take a look at the man/woman in the mirror, before we go throwing stones at anyone; famous or unknown. We may find ourselves in that situation one day. Allah Reveals All.

Jeff said...

Don't where are the "I am disappointed in Steve" is coming from. Steve never said he was perfect in the previous marriage. However, you need to remember, that all this came about because his last ex, claimed she was left destitute, and homeless. Now that the gag order is lifted, we see that is a lie. $40,000.00 a month and a $1.5 mil settlement doesn't equal destitute. Apparently, there are some woman posting here that can't get over what they went through, so now all men are dogs

lgrand said...

I love steve harvey but when somebody writes a book to women about thinking like a man u got to read between the line. I love him as a show person but for marriage advice please.

DAS said...

No wonder some of you women keep getting used by men over and over, because you have no common sense! This woman has been caught in a BLATANT LIE, and the majority of these comments on here have been from women talking about Mr. Harvey's previous relationships to paint him as dishonest. HELLO.... Lying is dishonest, and his ex-wife has been caught in a big lie; but like soo many women nowadays, you want to stick up for other trifling women, just so you don't have to admit that there are some women that do the same dirt as men. it kills some of you, because some of you are that woman. There is no where anywhere in the court papers that says Steve divorced from his ex's because of cheating, no where! And so what if he did have more than one marriage.

Women go through relationships all the time that don't work, and all of you always say it was something wrong with the guy. But when a guy goes through several relationships, you never say that it was something wrong with the woman! Then it's STILL the guys fault somehow. Hypocrites!

I'm so glad I'm not married to a woman as 2 faced as soo many of you dillusional, and bitter women nowadays. It's sad. Some of you have been hurt by men, and never got over it, just like how you all expect us men to get over some of the BS you put us through, just because you felt like it. But then you paint every man as negative. But you think every man should trust every woman honestly.

Some of you will never figure out why you'll never meet that right person for you, because you expect another person to live by a list of standards that you yourself can't even honestly complete. A lot of you need to listen to some of what Steve says in his books, and then you'll finally learn something in life. There's nothing disappointing, except for the fact that a woman got away with defaming a man's character publicly, when she knew from the start that she was dishonest. And then knew that she would have most women on her side believing her, just because she's a woman, and that's the dicotomy between men and women nowadays.

Ask yourself this question, if Steve really had something to hide, why would he lift a court sanctioned gag order revealing all of the details of his previous divorce proceedings? See, when you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to hide, which Steve Harvey demonstrated to everyone.

Really, really sad.

Nasihah said...

I personally would NOT take any advice from a 3 time divorce man or woman! Steve Harvey giving relationship advice...what a joke.2 or 3 ex-wife know something about him in order for a divorce to happen and it won't be because of irreconcilable differences. He a changed man yeah right and have the lord in his life now? yet STILL using profanity, smoking and drinking ...still a wolf in sheep's clothing. I was raised to believe a leopard NEVER changes his spots If you want advice, go to a marriage couselor or a therapist...not a washed up suppose to be actor/comedian

Anonymous said...

Initially I was totally turned off by Sve harvey after I heard about the accsations by his ex-wife. But, then I read the conditions of their divorce and I weighed everything out.

I realize that anybody can make mistakes and anybody can ask to be forgiven and it is done. It's that simple.

I choose to handle this like the Christian I profess to be and let all of this GO.

His wife is bitter and jealous of what Steve Harvey now has. She's got hers and God is truly blessing Steve Harvey.

Who am I to judge anybody??? As a matter of face, who are YOU to judge anybody else???

Think about it people. I listen to him talk about being changed and how he encourages others to change and put their lives in God's hands. And that's good enough for me.

I haven't purchased any of his books because I don't care for his advice, but a lot of it is right, it's just common sense. I liked him for his humor and is television show. Other than that, he's nobody important to me. Just another human being who has made mistakes and has now, found the Lord. It's just not that serious, it's not that complicated.

DAS said...

Personally, I'm a christian, and don't care for some of the "humor" and language that Mr. harvey uses, while still professing to be a christian. Well, maybe he has given his life to GOD, I don't really know. Although I do know that there are some things you wouldn't normally do anymore if you are a Christian, verses when you were not a Christian.

But, none of that has to do with the fact that people are NOT GIVING HIM the benefit of the doubt, simply because of what another woman said, that was all a lie.

And then after people have found out that everything was a lie, instead of just admitting you were wrong to believe those lies against Mr. Harvey, then you start "finding" things to not like about him, that has nothing to do with why this whole lie started in the first place.

That's the idiotic thing about this whole drama. This whole thing boils down to a woman that's bitter that she no longer has a good thing, and it infuriates her that she could've still been that "other woman" right now, sitting pretty.

So instead, she just wants to make someone's else's life miserable, just to be spiteful. And then on top of it, get other women that are bitter like her, to side with what she did as being justified somehow!

Anonymous said...

oh people please. He is just a person. Flawed like all of us. Maybe what his ex is saying is true maybe it isn't. Celebrity does not exempt one from the imperfections that make us human.
OMG Steve Harvey wasn't perfect. I don't think he ever said he was. I like the guy I hear on the radio every morning and I enjoy his books.

Anonymous said...

It appears that the ex-wife was well taken care of. What in the hell did she do with her settlement? There must have been bad investment decisions. Some women need to know that if a man is through with you then let him go. Ex-wife get a grip and move on with your life.

Anonymous said...


God bless and protect you. Take the high road and continue your path of repentance.

Steve Ex-wife,

Be satisfied you finally got this "cheating" and heartless man out of your life. I pray you have now found your peace.

Tracey said...

What is $1.5 mil lump sum when, based on your earnings during 16+ years of marriage, time of divorce and beyond, when she may be due $40 mil or more! Bottom line, you cheated on her, low-balled her then made it hard for her to have a decent relationship with her son! All FACTS! You are slimy! And your new wife is even more slimy!
All that talk about your morals and her morals! Now you want to lift a gag order, which makes you look even lower! I'm glad God aint thru with you yet! maybe that's why this is all out, because you did not take the opportunity to right a wrong! Surely that won't change the fact that Marjorie was on her back with Mrs. Harvey's husband!

Anonymous said...

Dear christians, please dont get it twisted! A blessing doesn't mean you are not accountable and won't be tested! God will build you up, put you on the highest podium (radio, books, millions of followers), looking for the glory to be given to Him. Professions of the mouth are sweet, praise Him! However, make sure your actions are to follow. God wants us to confess and atone! Not front and flaunt! Steve had plenty of opportunity to be fair! Any divorce lawyer will tell you that the settlement was a low-ball deal! Darkness will always eventually come to light. The lights are on Steve, Mary and Marjorie! And this too shall pass for all parties.