Thursday, June 04, 2009


Raper Cassidy is attempting to sell records.....

It seems he's had a little something w/ Amber during the duration of Kanye's very public relationship w/ her. He wrote a song about....want to it goes:

Amber Rose might’ve denied the hook up rumors with Cassidy nearly a week ago , but Cassidy spits another story in his remix to Beyonce’s “Ego“. But is he going in on Kanye?! Uh oh…I can already hear Kanye fisting his keyboard BLOGGIN away! Or is Cassidy even talking about Amber at all?!

“I f*cked ya girl on D-low, cause I’m that nigga and I got a bigger ego. For free yo, I let her climb on the tree yo. now she with me yo, so adios amigo. No you ain’t big as me yo. So when I hit , she said my d*ck too big, fat, wide, and thick. What I was born with is enormous, when I try to fit, she holler like ‘you got a big ego, AGH SHIT!’ And that’s why she on my d*ck, cause I got a huge ego, I’m a hero. I save the day, it’s L-O-V-E yo, she never felt that way ’till she started fucking with me yo. I took her from you like D-bo, ’cause your ass always had her going to bed mad like Ne-Yo”.”

GV Says: News flash Cassidy, this chick is...let's just say it rhymes with bow. Who cares if you chopped her down. Sell records on your own merit.

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