Monday, June 29, 2009


You know....I only saw bits and pieces of lasts night's show. But I have to say, I may just agree with the young man who penned this article. WAS THE BET AWARDS SHOW AN EMBARRASSMENT??

While I'll reserve an opinion of the show, WHAT I DID SEE of the BET Awards was a very half-ass tribute to Michael Jackson.

I understand there was a short window to change the format of the show. However, I would have preferred a full dedication show to him at a later date complete with time to practice/ rehearse.

Instead, last night I saw a couple of bad perfomance dedications and awkward references to him.

The only exception was Ne-yo's solo performance - both solo and with Jamie Foxx.

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Anonymous said...

I did not find the show an embarrassment just some of the performers. I felt bad for the audience who had to endure the foul language and bad wardrobes. So, for me it was basically the foul language and not the slip up from Eddie L.