Thursday, August 20, 2009


What the Sam this is straight foolishness. Julius the Bodyguard was found guilty of for the disruption of public order and peace.

Julius Hollander entered court today accompanied by his lawyer Denis Orlic, and interpreters. He spent about two hours in court.

Police had temporarily taken away Julius’ passport, but it was returned to him today. For his “punishment”, he was ordered to pay 554 kuna ($107 US), and an additional amount of 679 HRK ($131 US) for the costs of court proceedings. The court commented that this was a totally unnecessary incident which was caused by an arrogant bodyguard.

GV Says: Did anyone else think the paps were off the chain and deserved what they got? Go your job. What's $200....

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Anonymous said...

Well...maybe you dont know this but in Europe, whether the other ones deserve it or not) there's smth called Law. It was proven that he was guilty and the one that started things by destroying the journalist's equipment. He was lucky just to pay those cents. In US, gangsta behaviour buys you a lot of protection and people think you're a hero for doing that, but in Europe we dont tolerate and dont like that sort of thing. Beyonce deserves better.