Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So did ATL housewife Lisa Wu get put out or what? People reports:

Despite reports that Lisa Wu Hartwell and husband, Ed, were evicted from their Atlanta home, the housewife tells, “We chose to move, we were not evicted.”

Adds Hartwell, 38, “It was decision that we made and not one that was made for us. But we were not put out.” As for the TMZ report that the couple defaulted on their bank loan, she re-affirms that an attempt to restructure the loan “didn’t work out,” but her family was “not evicted, it was a short-sell. It was not a foreclosure.”

Admitting she has felt the pressure of the recession, she says the couple and their children have moved into a new “downsized” home in a neighboring community. Scrutiny and blog buzz “make me laugh,” adds Hartwell, but it’s nothing compared to the catfights on the show.

“I’m watching like, ‘this is crazy,’ ” she says of the first two episodes. And Thursday’s follow up to the fight between Kim Zolciak, Sheree Whitfield and NeNe Leaks promises to be hair-raising. “You haven’t seen nothing yet!”

GV Says: Isn't a short-sell usually one step from a foreclosure.....I'm just saying.....Shouldn't these housewives have to meet some sort of minimum worth before appearing as a cast member on the show? And why is it always the ATL housewives experiencing financial woes....D*mn!

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