Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Remember the lady who was attacked by the chimpanzee - Charla Nash - in February of this year? Well not only is she conscious but she appeared on "Oprah" today and revealed her face and shared the heartbreaking details on her life since the attack.

Nash told Oprah that she feels no pain but that she tries not to touch her face so as to avoid knowing the full extent of her injuries.

"I don't ask a whole lot about my injuries... I know that I have my forehead," she said. She now drinks her meals "with a straw through a small hole where her mouth used to be," ABC added.

Nash lost both her hands in the attack, as well as her nose, an eyelid, and lips. Doctors removed her eyes due to an infection, and only recently did she learn she'll no longer be able to see.

"Only . . . in the past couple of weeks did she realize that she no longer had eyes, because she had been saying that she was hoping to be able to see at some point," Oprah said.

Nash now walks around her Cleveland hospital — from which she might be released soon — in a veil.

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Monkeys are monkeys. Even human beings when triggered can get out of control. I admire Charla Nash for her strength & courage to show herself out on national T.V. just to warn the people and tell her story. I'm hoping that she will be able to receive continuous love, support & concern for a long, long time.