Wednesday, November 11, 2009


All eyes have been on Sammy Sosa's light skin this week.

"I'm doing well, doing well, thanks to God. A little surprised by the tsunami of attention," Sosa said in a Spanish interview with Univision reporter Tony Dandrades Tuesday on the program "Primer Impacto." It was the first of a two-part interview.

Photographs of Sosa during a recent appearance at the Latin Grammys in Las Vegas showed his facial skin tone to be almost white.

"What's going on with your skin?" asked Dandrades. (GV Says: Pretty blatant....HA!)

"I use a cream to keep my skin smooth and soft. I apply it before I go to bed. When I was playing for Chicago all those years, I was in the sun a lot for 1 o'clock games," said Sosa, who turns 41 tomorrow. "The flashes (from the cameras) also made my skin look lighter. I'm surprised with the controversy this has caused."

Sosa, who would not tell Dandrades the name of the cream he uses, did say that it is European and that he is in negotiations to market the product. He added that he wears colored contact lenses because he wanted to "try something different. I'm not trying to be superficial."

Asked by Dandrades if Sosa was trying to be like Jackson, he laughed.

"Not at all, I respect him very much," said Sosa, who gave the interview at his Miami penthouse apartment on Monday. "I'm not a racist. I'm not like that. I'm just a happy person."

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