Wednesday, November 04, 2009


More Beanie Sigel crying. On Tuesday, the Broad Street Bully appeared on Philadelphia radio station Power 99 as a surprise guest during 50 Cent's interview. I heard the interview and he basically aired Hov completely out. It was nothing nice and nothing short of crying and complaining.

"He is a crumb. I'm gonna put my foot on his neck until he responds...
"Please make a record," Beans yelled on-air. "A week's been out, dog. I'm not taking nothing from Jay as an artist. He ain't no walk in the park as an artist. All I'm saying is I don't gotta jog to keep up to him."

During the interview, Beanie also added that the label and the cars were earned and that Jay didn't give him anything. He also caught feelings because in court, Jay would not take 100% responsibility for Bean’s actions while on probation during the Roc the Mic tour.

GV Says: This is ridiculous. I wouldn’t be responsible for another grown man either. Jay knows Beans’s track record better than anybody. Plus Jay is traveling the world, he has businesses going on, dude was booed up….he ain’t got time to be nobody’s babysitter. This is some old sh*t. Beans please let this ish go. So now you’re 50’s B*tch. That’s a good look.

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