Monday, December 14, 2009


After the media caught on to Chris Breezy's temper tantrum via twitter, look like he's taken his ball and left the park.

That's right. He's left the twitter-sphere.

GV Says: This is soooo dramatic! SMH. "The industry is so mean to me....." The thing about Chris that so rubs me the wrong way is it's everyone's fault but his. It's Walmart's fault the album's not selling. It's Rihanna's fault that she baited him into beating her down to the white meat. How about just take responsibility, learn and move on. Not every project is going to sell 1 million copies and while it sucks he's not the only one it's happened to. H*ll, 50 Cent went from selling 1 mllion copies in a week to just moving a little over 100,000 on this latest project. It happens...and it doensn't mean the project is bad.

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