Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Diddy's M2 in hot water. NY Daily News reports....

undercover officers caught staffers selling marijuana and narcotics, and that several security guards were unlicensed.

The drama began Friday night at 11, when the exclusive W. 28th St. venue was served papers, causing personnel to close its velvet rope to a number of music industry bigwigs who were attending Cash Money Baby's birthday party.

"Having their doors closed hit the venue and its reputation hard, especially on a night they were hosting a private event," says a nightlife insider. "M2 makes a good deal of money every weekend, and losing a Friday and Saturday night is a major strain on the club's revenue."

The drug allegations aren't the club's only problems. The hot spot has been fighting with the city's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene over the alleged smoking violations since early this year.

Lawyers met with the NYPD yesterday in the hope of coming to an agreement but, unfortunately for New York night crawlers, none was reached. The M2 team turned down an offer to keep the venue open for private events this week - including a Go Magazine party hosted by Michelle Rodriguez tonight and a NFL draft party slated to be thrown by Deion Sanders on Thursday - because the compromise included a clause that said the venue would shut down again this coming weekend.

The lawyers go before a judge today to fight for the doors of the Chelsea club to reopen for good.

A rep says: "There are no convictions of any kind against M2, only allegations."

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