Monday, April 19, 2010


Another day another lawsuit...

Jay-Z has a case of jacking on his hands. But this time it involves the 40/40 club. Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz got the bright idea to open his own club in the Dominican Republic with the same name. But it's written as The Fourty Fourty club.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in Manhattan federal court, accuses Ortiz of naming his Santo Domingo club Forty-Forty in the hopes of trading in on the rap star's fame. The suit seeks over $5 million in damages and for Ortiz to forfeit any use of the 40/40 name. Jay-Z's string of bars can be found in Manhattan, Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

And if you thought David just didn't know about Jay's 40/40 for some reason, he knows it very well. Even partied there on several occasions:

"David Ortiz is fully aware of Plaintiff's Manhattan 40/40 club, since he had been a patron there on several occasions before he opened his Infringing Forty/Forty club," the lawsuit states.

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