Monday, October 11, 2010


The NY Dailyl News reports that Mimi didn't exactly squash pesky pregnancy rumors at husband Nick Cannon's 30th birthday dinner at Lavo NYC on Friday night.

Upon arriving, she refused to pose for pictures outside the club and insisted on entering Lavo through the back door.

Once inside, she spent much of the evening shrouded in a black trench coat, and only after the festivities were well underway was she coaxed into taking a few photos.

According to the spy, "Mariah wasn't really mingling," our source observes. Instead, she sat in the same place "practically the whole night."

The 40-year-old Carey didn't even try Cannon's birthday cake, which took the form of a large No. 30. And, despite her reported love of Champagne, she stuck strictly to cranberry cocktail juice, further fueling rumors that she's carrying Cannon's child.

The "touchy feely" couple departed directly after dinner, although not before more drama ensued.

Carey, we're told, wanted to exit as she entered - through the back door - for an unusual reason. Leaving via the front involved traversing two steps, and, our insider overheard the singer's handlers discussing that "Mariah doesn't do stairs" - perhaps because of her sparkly, skyscraper-high black heels.

When it was determined, however, that paparazzi had amassed at Lavo's rear entrance and that the front door was the most secure way to exit the building, Carey braved the two-step descent and she and Cannon made their escape.

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