Friday, October 01, 2010


Mario was arrested in Baltimore Friday for allegedly assaulting his mother, reported.

Mom Shawnita Hardaway reportedly told cops that Mario was "throwing and damaging property" and pushing her with his hands and forearms. Police found several broken items in the apartment the 24-year-old singer shares with his mother, including a smashed mirror and a broken china cabinet, according to TMZ.
Police also reportedly found a hole in the closet door. Hardaway, a former heroin addict, reportedly told police that her son had assaulted her earlier in the week as well, an instance where he pushed her eight feet across the room into a wall. The singer's relationship with his mother has been a cornerstone of his career. In 2007, an MTV documentary titled "I Won't Love You to Death" chronicled his efforts to help Hardaway curb her addiction.
Mario was officially arrested Friday morning for second-degree assault and released on $50,000 bond.
GV Says: Now there's never a reason to assualt your mom, but I gotta say a heroin addict may push you over the edge. Plus, I did watch that MTV special and you could tell that he really loved his mom. Hope everything works out.

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