Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Wow...and we thought Eric and DeShawn were the boring ones...

So Eric Snow just had a baby with his old college flame.

This is all happening while they’re still in the midst of their divorce proceedings.

Straight From The A! has the scoop:

According to sources, the photo above is Eric’s new daughter. His mistress, Marisela Alvarado, reportedly gave birth in a Michigan Hospital on July 14th to a healthy 8-pound baby girl whom the couple have named Ava Maria Snow.

Eric and his soon-to-be Ex Wife, Deshawn Snow formerly of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” are in the middle of high profile divorce case and it is reported that he is worth $20 million dollars.

Early reports are that he may have to shell out an estimated $8 million dollars to his wife along with their Atlanta Estate which the couple shared with their three sons.

Deshawn is said to be working on a Disney project with their 3 boys and hopefully she’s keeping her head up. Divorce or not, Eric welcoming a daughter in this world can’t possibly be easy on her.

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