Sunday, August 15, 2010


Could the firm be getting back together? Truth be told it def wouldn't hurt any of their careers at this point.

"We all sat down and conversed," she told MTV News recently. "We all know if it's not the main four, the only four, it can't be. Nas, myself, AZ and Cormega, that is the Firm. There is no other artist that can substitute for Nas, AZ, Cormega and myself. If all four of us can't do it, it can't be done."

"AZ and myself are inseparable throughout the years. He can walk in my house and go inside the refrigerator, get whatever he wants," she said. "Cormega is like my brother. You know Nas, Nas has gone his way. He got married and has gone through his own stuff. I went to prison, lost my hearing. We all just had our lives take different turns. We realized that everywhere we go, people are like, 'The Firm, the Firm.' A was like, 'We gotta do this.' That's when the rumors started."

During a recent concert in New York, Brown brought out AZ and Cormega. She says that before they all can fully reunite, Nas and Mega have to work things out.

"He and Cormega — everybody knows the legendary beef between them," she assessed. "So, [the challenge is] getting them in the same room together. Nas had a concert at Lincoln Center two Christmases ago. AZ wasn't there, but me and Cormega came out. So they can get in the same room together. And they can kind of alleviate the bullsh-- and say, 'Let's get this money now.'

We're older, let's get this money. "We started as babies," she added. "We were babies, like '96, '97, selling millions of records together. We have history together. I'm the one that's close to each one of them. I'm the link that can bring each one of them together. So it's Nas getting in the same room with Mega. And then we're good. His personal feelings with Mega, they have to work that out. Once they do that ... They have a history that AZ and I can't relate to. There's something they have to work out. I know I can get them together."

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