Friday, August 13, 2010


Dear Vivica Fox, leave these young boys alone.

So it seems Vivica's much younger club-promoter boyfriend Slimm's decision to break up - then make up - was all through a press release.


On Wednesday, Slimm, the Atlanta-based co-founder of Plush Blue Entertainment, sent out a release stating that he and Fox were finished.

"Hey this is Slimm, unfortunately me and Vivica are no longer dating," read the promoter's pronouncement. "After eight months, it's time to go our separate ways. In life you can love and have chemistry with a person, but flaws can sometimes outweigh the relationship. I wish her the best and I know she feels the same. Thanks."

A source close to the situation reports that Slimm's decision to send out the first release to a number of ­media outlets was prompted by an argument he had with Fox, 46, who has been commuting from her home in L.A. to Atlanta to make time with her young beau, who's not even 30.

But not even 24 hours later, Slimm had a change of heart and sent out a second release to announce he and Fox were working it out.

"I want to clear the air about the rushed statement released yesterday about Vivica and I breaking up. Sometimes a person may act out of anger," he explained, and then apologized for "overreacting instead of letting time take its course."

"Vivica is an important part of my life and I would never try to hurt her," he concluded. "Thanks for supporting us as we figure things out."

When we contacted for a comment, Viv replied, "Slimm and I r fine!" she emails us. "All relationships have their ups and their downs." She continues, "I'm soo proud that Slimm was man enough to clear up the air" via the second press release.

"He is a very good man with a great heart!" wrote Fox, now touring in the play "Cheaper to Keep Her."

GV Says: SMH.....

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