Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Looks like Diddy caused a little drama of his own after the VMAs. The NY Daily News reports:

Heaven forbid Diddy let Kanye steal the entire show.

Just hours after rapper West upstaged Taylor Swift by stealing her mic at Sunday night's VMAs, Diddy caused a stir of his own by getting into a tiff with the NYPD.

The hip-hop mogul had been partying at NYC hot spot 1Oak when he and rumored girlfriend Cassie decided to call it a night. The problem? When the icon left the venue and stood in the middle of 17th St., a huge crowd of fans and clubgoers swarmed onto the streets to get a look at the A-lister.

"It was absolute chaos," says an onlooker. Noticing the ruckus, an undercover cop asked Diddy to make his way back into the club, but the rapper wasn't having it. When he started talking back, the officer whipped out his badge and before long, several patrol cars were shutting down 17th St. between Ninth and 10th Aves.

A rep for Diddy said, "This was just a minor misunderstanding."
Either way, the melee didn't stop partygoers from elbowing each other to see the celebs who were inside, either. "People were trying to run past police officers to get a look at who was coming out of the club," the onlooker said.

After Diddy made his escape, not harmed or handcuffed, Jay-Z and Rihanna made a swift exit. He put RiRi into a black car before the crowds could rush her, and the two went barreling past the police tape to make an exit.

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