Thursday, September 17, 2009


If you think Serena is going to change, think again

"I am passionate about tennis, and I'm never going to stop being who I am," she proclaimed at an M2 party Tuesday night feting her cover for Hamptons mag. "I'm still gonna grunt, I'm still gonna argue, and there's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with being who you are and expressing who you are, but in the right way."

Judging by her now-infamous outburst against a line judge - in which she unleashed a tirade of profanity after being called on a foot fault - Williams isn't the best loser.

But as a woman who plays to win, Williams is indignant that she's been attacked for living in the heat of the moment - and for doing, well, her job.

"People have done and said way more than I did," she argued. "I think it's just [a big deal] because of who I am."

Her plan of attack for the future? Wash her hands of the situation and turn the page.

"I can't say I'm unhappy this happened, because it made me realize I'm human and I can make mistakes, too," she said. "It's good to make mistakes and learn from them. I'm moving on."

That's why Williams is loved: She's flawed but still fabulous. In fact, hundreds of fans flocked to Barnes & Noble's Fifth Ave. store Wednesday, waiting in line for more than two hours so that their imperfect hero might sign a copy of her autobiography, "On the Line."

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