Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well off to jail he goes.....For shooting himself in the club.....SMH

Former NFL wide receiver Plaxico Burress surrendered to authorities Tuesday to serve a two-year prison sentence on a weapons charge.

Burress was also sentenced to two years of post-release supervision with permission to travel for business.

Plaxico, 32, pleaded guilty in August to a weapons charge stemming from a shooting incident at a nightclub last year.

The former New York Giants wide receiver accidentally shot himself in the leg with a .40-caliber semi-automatic pistol he was carrying in his waistband. The incident occurred November 29, 2008, in the VIP area of the Latin Quarter nightclub in Manhattan.

Plaxico was not licensed to carry a pistol in either New York or New Jersey.

No one, including employees of the New York Presbyterian Hospital and the NFL, called the police to report the gunshot wound, as required by law. One hospital worker was suspended after the incident.

Plax became a hero to New York Giants fans in the 2008 Super Bowl when he caught the game-winning touchdown pass from quarterback Eli Manning with 35 seconds remaining in the game.

After the gunshot incident, he was suspended from the Giants. The team released him in April.

TMZ reports that while at Rikers, Plax will be "staying in an individual cell -- meaning no cell mate -- which includes a mattress, sheet and blanket, drinking cup, faucet, toilet, toilet paper and soap."

He will also shower separately because of his celebrity status.

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Secrets said...

This is pitiful!!! I’m so annoyed by his decisions!!!

It would have cost him a lot less if he had hired armed security.

He's lived here long enough to know that his money and his NFL jersey cant protect him from THE MAN!! He doesn’t have the complexion for the connection!! So of course, they gave him the harshest sentence they could….cause that’s the plan. DISINFRANCHISE AND INCARCERATE

Now his family will suffer over some DUMB *ISH!!!