Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So Akon has yet another child bringing his total up to 6....I believe. NY Daily News reports:

Akon may have just discovered that he’s a father again, but he plans on doing right by his baby mama Susan Owori, whom he impregnated while on tour in Uganda.

“I think kids are a blessing,” he told us. “[To set the record straight], I never ran away from my responsibilities and I never plan to. Everything I am doing now is for [my other five kids] anyway, so the more kids I can have, the better. I just love them.”

Of his child with Owori, the sister of Kampala fashion designer Sylvie Owori, he said, “It’s a boy and he’s handsome as hell.”

GV Says: SMH at him slinging his seeds around so carelessly. Another willing contributor to the downfall of the black family.

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nsikan said...

Wow someone has seeds for share. Come on Akon, I am not digging this. You should be settin' an example.