Thursday, July 02, 2009


D*mn, d*mn, d*mn.....Debbie Rowe is seeking custody. NY Daily News reports:

In her first public comments since Michael Jackson's death, his ex-wife made clear she will fight to gain custody of her two children.

"I want my children," Rowe told NBC Los Angeles. "I am stepping up. I have to."

"We had an agreement... he didn't keep his end," Rowe said, adding that she is grieving for her ex.

"It hasn't been easy. It's been painful."

Rowe, 50, spoke out a day after it emerged that she was cut of Jackson's will.

The pop icon's former wife plans to seek a restraining order to keep Jackson's father, Joe Sr., away from her two kids: son Michael Joseph Jr., known as Prince Michael, 12; and daughter Paris Michael Katherine, 11.

Responding to reports that she is not the children's biological mother, Rowe said she is willing to submit to DNA testing.

Jackson's youngest child, Prince Michael II, was born to a surrogate mother.

Rowe expressed concern about splitting up the children, saying she'd accept custody of the youngest - but didn't expect a court to go along.

Rowe, a California-based nurse, divorced Jackson in 1999 after three years of marriage. She tried to surrender her parental rights, but the process was botched.

Jackson's mother has been granted temporary custody of the pop legend's children and the will names her as guardian. Diana Ross was named as a back-up in case Katherine Jackson died.

GV Says: I knew this money-grubbing wench would stick her head up out of the wood works. These kids have had no contact with her. Funny how when the details of the will were revealed announcing that the kids would receive 40% of the estate up front AND noted that she was purposely omitted she showed up. Also equally amusing is that in her testimony eight years ago, Rowe said, “I had the children for him. They wouldn’t be on this planet if it wasn’t for my love for him. I did it for him to become a father, not for me to become a mother. You earn the title ‘parent.” I have done absolutely nothing to earn that title.” Did things change?

I hope that the judge sees through this money heist......I am sooooo shaking my head at this. This is so absolutely blatant. I'm actually mad.....

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nsikan said...

You want money miss. Leave MJ's Kids alone with their granny.