Friday, July 31, 2009


Looks like Eminem is firing back at Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon after the release of her single "Obsession."


Eminem’s diss, entitled “Warning,” features him chastising Carey for denying their alleged relationship back in 2001, and threatening to expose pictures and voicemails he’s retained since the end of their contact.

“Wow Mariah, I didn't expect her to go balls out/B*tch, shut the f**k up before I put all them phone calls out you made to my house when you was wild n out before Nick/When you was on my dick and give you something to smile about/How many times you fly to my house?/ Still trying to count/Better shut your lying mouth if you don't want Nick finding out/You probably think ‘cause it's been so long if I had something on you I would of did it by now/On the contrary Mary Poppins/I'm mixing our studio session down and sending it to mastering to make it loud/Enough dirt on you to murder you..”

Later, Eminem takes aim at Nick Cannon, who previously in a blog accused the Detroit emcee of misogyny and racism against black women over his treatment of Carey.

“Mariah, it ever occur to you that I still have pictures?/However you prefer to do and goes for you too, Nick, faggot/You think I'm scared of you?/You gonna ruin my career you better get one/Like I'm a sit and fight with you over some slut b*tch cunt who made me put up with her psycho ass over 6 months and only spread her legs to let me hit once/Yeah, what you gonna say?/ I'm lucky?/ Tell the public that I was so ugly that you f**king had to be drunk to f**k me?/Second base? What the f**k you tell Nick, punk?/In the second week we was dry humping. It's gotta count for something…”

The feud between Carey and Eminem was reignited earlier this year via the Relapse track “Bagpipes from Baghdad,” where Eminem refers to Carey as a “c*nt,” and Nick Cannon a “prick” for his marriage to a “whore.”

GV Says: Seriously Eminem just needs to let it go. From my standpoint he's been "obsessed" with this girl for years now. Not a year goes by that he doesn't mention her name after their 6 month fling. So now she comes out swinging after years of jabs and he's pissed....Get over it and move on. They got you.


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