Thursday, July 09, 2009


Looks like the mystery of whether McNair was murdered by his girlfriend or if they were both victims of a third party ambush has been solved.

Pro football quarterback Steve McNair died in a murder-suicide – shot twice in the head and twice in the chest by his girlfriend Sahel Kazemi, who then turned the gun on herself, a coroner says.

Dr. Feng Li based his opinion on the crime-scene investigation, police interviews, the autopsy results and lab studies.

"I'll say greater than 95 percent," Dr. Feng Li told CNN of his certainty. "It's almost an assured thing. We have to be convinced otherwise."

Still, Dr. Li added said he's waiting for results of final lab tests before officially classifying Kazemi's death a suicide.

The body of the former Titans quarterback, 36, was found July 4 in a downtown Nashville condominium, according to police, who also said that a semiautomatic pistol was found under the body of Kazemi, 20, who was shot in the head.

McNair, who was married, began a relationship with Kazemi, who'd been a waitress at a Dave & Buster's restaurant, about six months ago, according reports. Relatives of Kazemi also say the couple traveled the country together and McNair was discussing marriage.

Court records in Nashville reportedly indicate that no divorce was pending for McNair, though his home is for sale. His wife, Mechelle McNair, has made no comment since her husband's death.

GV Says: SMH at this.....I hope his wife finds comfort. I still say I hope she at least knew he was no angel beforehand. What a way to find out if this was her first time learning of if.

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