Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Tameka has finally responded to Usher's divorce petition.

Tameka states in a new court filing that she and Usher have not been separated since July 2008 and, in fact, were "intimately together" less than a week before he started divorce proceedings.

She had "every reason to believe her marriage was intact," her attorney stated in documents filed Monday in Atlanta.

But since it wasn't, Tameka now wants to make sure that her estranged husband takes care of all of her legal fees pertaining to the split and continues to support his family financially, per the filing.

Usher filed for divorce June 12, checking off "irretrievably broken" as his reason to end the marriage and requesting joint custody of the couple's two sons.

GV Says: SMH at you Usher. You know you're wrong for the last little rendezvous.

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Anonymous said...

SMH...This was a hoax from the beginning!