Wednesday, July 01, 2009


So we hear that Michael was no push over. While he didn't believe in corporal punishment he believed in "quiet" discipline.

Mike La Perruque, his long-time confidant and head of security, can recall moments such as when he was speaking with Jackson, and little Paris came running up to say something. Jackson paused and spoke as a daddy should, quiet and firm but warm.

"Paris, do you have an emergency?" Jackson asked.

"No," the child said.

"Do you see I'm talking to Mike?" Jackson asked. "You have to say 'excuse me' or wait unless you really need something."

La Perruque also remembered occasions when Jackson took his two older children along with the children of family friends to a toy store such as FAO Schwarz. "The other kids were going nuts, cartfuls of toys," La Perruque remembered. Jackson spoke to his children in that voice of loving discipline. "He would tell Paris and Prince, 'You're only allowed to have one toy and whatever it is, make sure it's one you really want,'" La Perruque remembered.

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