Sunday, July 19, 2009


Say it ain't so. Sources are claiming that JD and Janet are over. The NY Daily News reports...

Less than a month after the death of her brother, Janet Jackson is splitting with her boyfriend of seven years, Us Weekly reports.

According to a source for the magazine, Janet and music exec Jermaine Dupri had been drifting apart well before Michael Jackson's death.

As the world watched, Dupri was noticeably not by Janet's side at the memorial for Michael on July 7, an early sign to the outside world that all might not be well with the couple.

A friend of Dupri's told the mag that he doesn't attend funerals.

But the memorial for a worldwide superstar who happens to be your girlfriend's big bro is not a routine funeral.

That would be a bad one to miss.

"His friends are telling people it's over," a source revealed to the magazine.

"They have been moving in different directions for a while," said another.

Dupri produced some of the tracks on Janet Jackson's last two albums, and she felt their lives were too intertwined, the magazine reports.

They also have very different personalities. "Jermaine likes to be out there, mingling with everybody, and Janet's more shy," a mutual friend said of the pair.

But if Janet is upset about the demise of her relationship, she has other, arguably more important things to worry about.

"She's devastated," an insider said to Us reagarding her reaction to Michael's death. "She's busy caring for Michael's kids. Janet's the family's backbone."

GV Says: JD hasn't said a peep about it on Twitter....hmmmm....hope there's no truth there.

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nsikan said...

I didn't want this. I liked them together.