Monday, July 20, 2009


Oh Frankie just can't seem to keep it together for long stretches of time. It seems she tried to go after Chili at a recent party. Freddy O reports:

Frankie wants the world to know that she’s sorry for everyone that she has wronged. Yesterday the Ryan Cameron Show was taken over by Frankie who came in to talk about her birthday party. While there Ryan asked her about the altercation between her and Chili. I know I didnt tell y’all about the fight…LOL… I forgot. The altercation took place at Ryan’s Anniversary party 2 weeks ago and was really just a misunderstanding. Frankie wanted to take a picture with Chili cause she’s her biggest fan. All I am going to say is Frankie had too many drinks and her alter-ego took over. Chili who was doing an interview at the time was caught by surprise when Frankie ran over to give her a hug. Frankie didn’t like Chili’s return hug. Chili then walked to where Yung Joc was standing not thinking anything of it and starting conversing with him. Out of nowhere, here comes Frankie leaping on top of me trying to get Chili and pushing everyone out of the way in the process. “You think you better than me,” ” You think you better than me” again Frankie shouted to Chili. Remember, by this time Frankie was officially lit! Chili asked if she was ok and then Frankie tries to grab her again. Chili pushed her hand away and stating “Are you serious?” Frankie then yelled “my daughter is better than you any way”..! I respect Chili so much because the entire time she was calm I have to say that I think I would have lost it.

Frankie came on the Ryan Cameron show to apologize to Chili and talk about everything else that was going on...

GV Says: SMH....Keyshia get your mom.

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Anonymous said...

The young Lady acted with some dignity and sense. That Franky is Ghetto, Ignorant,Ugly, stupid, dumb and I can go on. If I was Keisha Cole I'd wish I have Never met they ass. They need to go back up under the rock they came from.