Tuesday, January 13, 2009

According to the rumor mill, ATL Housewife DaShawn Snow is being replaced by....get ready....Tameka Foster aka Mrs. Usher.

So before you read on I have to reveal even I don't believe that one....but I put it out there because it's already in the mill.
Allegedly, DaShawn was a little too boring. Guess I could see that.


Secrets said...

Oh my....does she really have her stomach out?

Love DaShawn, but this picture isnt flattering.

Joel said...

That isnt deShawn! Thats mrs. Usher right?????

Who told her she looked FABULOUS??? someone tell her about "airbrushing"

Cherrylips Designs™ said...

Oh god why you put you that pic up damnnn oh well.
Anywho she turned down the ATL opportunity anyways -it was in the papers.