Monday, January 12, 2009


Looks like Kim can't catch a break these days. This time Charli Baltimore is cleaning house

"Kim goes out of her way to say she was B.I.G.'s girl. No, Kim wasn't his girl! Straight up! She wasn't! She benefited from the situation because she became Lil Kim. She has a career and she's grateful to a nigga for helping her in that aspect, but she was never his girl! If you're running around constantly saying it, you would think a person with half a brain would say... that don't sound right! That's like Faith constantly walking around saying Oh! I was B.I.G.'s wife! Like... we know you were his wife. You don't have to say it 100,000 times. So, I don't get into that."

I remember being at the funeral and Lil Kim fell out on the floor and I was just like "Yo! What the fuck!" Like, Faith was up there singing and she was very composed and very respectful. And here goes Lil Kim on the floor and she starts rolling around on the floor! I was like "What the fuck is going on?" I was in the back, in the cut. I had some black shades on. There was 100,000 bitches there and I don't know what bitches was... Yo! I remember this girl Lil Kim walked up and damn near jumped in the casket!

Who? Kim?

At the funeral! I was like "Yo! This shit is crazy!" It was like a circus! I've been through a lot of deaths and I've seen a lot of people get killed. I've been to a lot of funerals and I've never seen anybody actually get into the aisle and roll! If anybody should've been doing that it should've been Faith!

GV Says: This is definitely an interesting interview......why do I believe Charli. Y'all should check it out.


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