Thursday, January 08, 2009


Kells and his wife of 11 years, Andrea Lee Kelly, are officially divorced.

Kelly, 42, and Andrea, 35, will have joint custody of their three children. No other details were revealed.

The couple weathered martial ups and downs during the six-year-long case. In 2005, Andrea, filed an emergency protective order to keep the singer away from her amid claims of physical abuse which she rescinded weeks later. The couple then filed for divorce in 2006, but were still trying to make things work.

After years of silence, Andrea told Essence magazine in 2007, "Some people in my position would probably be very broken right now, and they would probably be saying, 'Woe is me.' But I'm just not that person."

The couple married in 1996, two years after the then-20-year-old Andrea had auditioned as a backup dancer for the singer/songwriter/record producer. She would go on to handle most of the choreography for his tours, videos and live performances.

GV Says: I'm sorry....I still say old Kells is guilty. I saw the tape and that was most certainly just like I'm most certain that girl was a minor. All I think when I see Kelly is child molester.

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