Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Rihanna don't play that

Word has it that she shut down any meeting between the winner of UK’s “X-Factor” (their version of American Idol) Alexandra Burke. Apparently Alexandra messed up when she made her "thing" for Chris Brown public. And now that she won, Rihanna is putting the brakes Alexandra getting anywhere near Chris... and any chick for that matter.

Sources say she has banned any females in his entourage from being alone with Chris while he’s out performing in different cities. And she even changed her whole schedule around to go “visit” Chris at his “Freeze” video shoot.

GV Says: I'm not mad at you girl. You know how these groupies do....but be easy you're on the brink of being crazy.

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Amina said...

yeah girl i'm feeling u,SHINE UR EYES as we say in ghana west africa,i luv u and wldnt wna see u going to a rehab...u guys make the cutest couple.