Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Following the allegations of abuse involving Rihanna and Chris Brown, celebrities react...

"I don't want to speak too much on it, but I was completely devastated by the concept of what I heard," Kanye West told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS FM radio show Tuesday morning.

"[Rihanna] has the potential to be, you know, the greatest artist of all time and, in that sense, I feel like [she is] my baby sis," added West. "I would do any and everything to help her in any situation."

West, who has previously toured with Rihanna, said he preferred not to get into specifics about whether he's spoken to her personally but labeled the situation "so devastating."

"I feel like, just as a person, I don't care how famous she is or even if she just worked at McDonald's, that should never happen. It should never come to that, to that place."

Monday night on "Last Call With Carson Daly," T.I. said he has spoken with Brown since the incident happened.

"I spoke to him today," Tip said. "He's cool, you know. He's a little concerned about the situation, but he's still the same Chris."

Tip said despite conversing with Brown, he still didn't know what had happened, but he offered advice to the singer.

"I told him, 'This too shall pass.' We're celebrities, we're entertainers, but we're still human — all of us," he said. "Don't expect us not to make mistakes, because we will."

Following his appearance on "Last Call," T.I. released a statement expressing regret for his comments on the incident. "After careful consideration, I realized I made the mistake of commenting before understanding the situation," the statement read. "I myself am no stranger to media scrutiny. My only intention was to support both Rihanna and Chris during these times. My heart goes out to both of them.

Ashanti said "I definitely wish them the best. There's a lot of things that's alleged. Nobody knows what going on. They're young. I hope everything's all right for the both of them."

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