Monday, February 09, 2009


Oh no....

The supposed beef between 50 Cent and Rick Ross just expanded to include Foxy Brown who at one time dated Ross.

It seems 50 caused a stir when he dropped the line- "The cop f**ked a fox."

According to, Foxy Brown's camp issued a statement saying she has no involvement in the conflict between the two male rap stars. "Foxy is giving that n***a 24 hour [period] to retract that statement or she's going handle [him] Brooklyn Style," the statement reportedly said.

GV Says: I guess my question is "or what Foxy?" What's going to happen? What does Brooklyn style refer to exactly?


Anonymous said...

50 is such a loser. Why does he bother everybody in hip-hop. He didn't have to start beefs with half the ppl he did!

camron, jay-z, kanye, nas and now female rapper foxy brown ..

i hope foxy brown does handle him.. he should know better than to be disrespecting a female who is keepin to herself. GET HIM MS. FOXY ! get him brooklyn style or new york style just shut his annoying ass up.

team anti-50 cunt!!

Anonymous said...

jay-z is backing foxy brown.. watch the youtube clip.. jay-z is sidin with foxy brown on this beef.. he put her on the remix to his "brooklyn we go hard" remix.. so if 50 comes sideways @ foxy.. jay-z is gonna murder his azz!! u already know.. broook!