Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Isn't a shame when the court system has to force you to be a father to a child....Well that's just what happened to Eddie Murphy.

British newspaper the Daily Mail is reporting that Eddie Murphy has been ordered to pay a total of £7 million in child support to Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown for their daughter, Angel Iris. The actor must fork over £35,000 per month to the singer until the 22-month-old girl reaches age 18 - a total of about £7million altogether.

Murphy has also reportedly agreed to see Angel Iris for the first time. The Hollywood star had originally questioned whether or not the child was his, but DNA testing ultimately proved his paternity. Murphy, 47, and Mel B, 33, have spent 15 months battling in Los Angeles courts and have signed non-disclosure contracts, preventing them from discussing the settlement in public.

But a friend of the singer told the News of the World: “Mel is delighted that the case is over as she just wanted what was right for the girl. It was never about the money - it was Mel’s way of asking Eddie to show consideration for Angel.”

GV Says: That's roughly $51,000/ month in American dollars. GIRL POWER MEL! Eddie has been so grimey during this whole process. How are you just going to not take care of child when you're a millionaire? The paternity of the child was proven almost two years ago???!!!!

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