Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Looks like Sanaa is keeping it real on her GlobalGrind.com blog. In a candid post, she revealed why she's shedding a couple of pounds.

today is the day! i’m starting a 1200 cal diet plan. its feb 2nd, one month later than i originally intended. jan 2nd was the original date, but that never happened, obviously. i said to myself, ‘who cares about a diet?! history is being made, obama! obama! obama!’ as i went to one more celebratory dinner. i can still get into my skinny jeans, but they sho is tight! i gotta say i like my body this way, a little curvier, with more to hold onto and my man is not complaining, he’s very vocal about how he LOVES it. its that camera, that damn camera that adds 10 pounds and NOW the flat screen tv’s that tend to add another 10 pounds, that get me. i refuse to succumb to the fashionista pre-pubescent boy-look trend that is so prevalent. but the rock shirmp tempura has got to go, for now. : (

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