Monday, March 30, 2009


Beyonce kicked off her "I Am" tour last week in Edmonton. (Had no idea she was on the road.)

This get-up is just ......not attractive. Was that PC enough?

Unfortunately, the EdmontonJournal did give it great reviews:

If Beyonce’s first outing on her I Am … tour was no major disappointment, it was still a somewhat muddled affair, one that didn’t really clear up where the line between Beyonce and her supposed “alter ego” Sasha Fierce is drawn.

Opening with some momentous numbers — Beautiful Nightmare and Crazy In Love, which were peppered with touches of Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams, DJ Kool’s Let Me Clear My Throat and The J.B.’s Pass the Peas — you would have thought Sasha was already in the house.

Add a rump-shaking Freakum Dress and, three songs in, Beyonce — ahem, Sasha Fierce — was already in full-blown party mode, shaking her golden-sequined, bow-clad tush and flailing her hair about wildly.

If only it had stayed that way.

The quieter, more introspective segment that followed was a collection of moments ranging from mildly corny (Ave Maria and an awkward on-stage wedding gown transformation) to supremely boring (Satellite).

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