Thursday, March 19, 2009


Rihanna's mentor, producer Evan Rogers, thinks the Oprah's and Tyra Banks of the world should back off.

“I think that everyone has good intentions and means well, but it turns up the heat in terms of it seeming like the whole world is telling her what to do,” Rogers told Entertainment Weekly. “At the end of the day, people forget that, at 21, your perspective is very different. These kinds of things can happen to anyone, whether you're a celebrity or not.”

Rogers, the man who discovered the Barbadian singer knows she listens to all the unsolicited advice, even if she chooses not to take it.

“I think she's very aware of everything that's going on,” he explained. “Just like anyone else, she watches TV , she goes online. And I think that it matters to her, but there's a line that she walks between being human and caring when you hear these kinds of things, and separating your personal life from your professional life. She's doing the best she can and this is a very difficult time that she's going through right now and she's going to learn a lot from it.”

Despite Rogers' concerns, recent reports indicate Rihanna may be warming to the popular “leave Brown behind” sentiments. She and Brown are now said to be taking a break from their relationship.

GV Says: And here lies the problem. At the end of the day it is Rihanna's decision and no one including Oprah and Tyra Banks can stop that. However, I commend those sisters for seeing a young girl in a bad situation and having the balls to say it's not right. Everyone wants to turn a blind eye - which by the way is exactly what her dad is doing. But the last time I checked being a dad doesn't mean being popular or liked by your child. It means sometimes I'm advising you to do tough things for your betterment. Whether you like me or not is secondary to your safety and well-being. Furthermore, the last time I checked - and all my 30-something and even later 20-somethings should be able to agree - 21 is STILL a child! And that's plainly obvious by the way she's carrying this ridiculous situation. I like Rihanna....she's a bad (and I mean that in a good way) girl, but this is stupid. If you want to be with Beater Brown, that's your 21 yr old preferance, just get some help. See a professional. No one gets publicly whippped on to that extent and is okay.

Evan Rogers you're spineless just like everyone else.

So, Rihanna if you want go back to beater Brown. Do it, but be adult enough to realize there will be reprecussions. How asinine is that? I want to make decisions but have no reprecussions. Who's life is like that - famous or not. We all have consequences and that's called life. I can't believe Evan really thought he was making sense. I hope he reads this and stops defendable that silly behavior. We all know it's a hard situation...hell I've been 21 and in love and not one bad decision I made was right......but it's a dangerous situation and that's why eveyone has such a hard, fast opinion.....Get one Evan, get one!


Carol said...

Rihanna and Chris may be in a kind of time warp, and not know it. I was abused all throughout my childhood by my dad. I thought that after he died when I was 15, that I was ok. Out of sight, out of mind. But that wasn't the case. I honestly feel like I have been paralized by the Physical, mental and emotional trauma that I had experienced when I was so young. I have had some counseling over the years, but it still didn't all go away and it never does. Abuse leaves terrible scars. Like one psychologist told me, "In order for a person to heal from abuse that has been going on for a long time, it takes years! Years for one to heal. It takes lots of counseling. You can't just go through counseling once and expect it will all go away." The victim in the abusive relationship needs to see that abuse is not love. It's the abuser's way of controlling his or (her) victim. (Because feelmales can be abusive also.) The abuser lacks self esteem and confidence that he can hold on to his partner so he resorts to control using crippling fear, physical abuse and emotional abuse. He doesn't know how to keep his mate, or so he thinks. But Rihanna will have to comes to terms with this herself. And Chris will have to come to terms with this hisself also. Rihanna and Chris should seek counseling alone on an individual basis. Give themselves time away from each other to heal alone, with their past and then what they have both been through. Then if they feel they want to stay together they should seek counseling together. And Chris will have to come to terms with the fact that he has to accept the consequences. No matter who he is. If he should wind up in jaoil He should seek counseling while he is in there. Remember, Rihanna and Chris are human beings. Money and being a celebrity doesn't make them any different. They are both hurting. And no just from this episode. They need our prayers.

Secrets said...

I'm so tired of hearing about this "case"

We all know THEY need help.....ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

Anonymous said...

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