Sunday, March 08, 2009


Let project career resuscitation begin.

Brown loses any more endorsements or movie deals, a plan is in place to rehabilitate his badly tarnished image. ''The only way Chris can possibly reverse things is to come clean and help raise awareness about abusive relationships,'' said a source close to Brown's legal time.

Along those lines, I've learned Brown and Rihanna -- who has taken him back (but with key provisions outlined below) -- will co-author a book about abuse and go on a talk show whirlwind to speak directly to their fans and the general public. It is widely expected that Brown's high-profile attorney, Mark Geragos, will broker a probation deal for his client that will involve no jail time.

In the meantime, the Brown team's working title of his career-recovery plan is ''Project Mea Culpa.'' It will involve not only Brown's telling of his increasingly abusive behavior toward Rihanna, but also partnering with clinical experts in the field to add credibility to the couple's efforts.

''Obviously this is a public relations campaign, but it only will work if there's genuine healing, contrition and a path to preventing future problems. ... It's another example of trying to turn a bad situation into something good ... where people can learn to change habits,'' said the source.

Part of the deal involves a contractual agreement between Rihanna and Brown. Word has it, the alleged abuser has agreed to pay Rihanna ''as much as $10 million'' and possibly more ''if he as much as squeezes her arm the wrong way,'' said the Brown insider.

Sources close to the couple who talked to the Daily News called the rumors totally false.
"It's completely false," a source close to Brown said. "There is no deal for a book or campaign about abuse. There is no 'Project Mea Culpa.' There is no contract. It's not true."

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