Thursday, March 19, 2009


Why did I not know Bleek was off the ROC?

"Jay's the kindest n*gga that walk the face of this earth and everything ain't money," Bleek said in an interview. "N*gga gave everybody he knew that he came up with rhyming with opportunity, that's all you can ask for...You know Hov broke bread...I left Def Jam...I had options to put out another album on Def Jam but then I had a meeting with him and he made it real clear to me, 'Why do that, you got the opportunity right now to run your own company. I'ma get you the distribution deal for Get Low Records, you sign your artists, drop your albums under Get Low and I'ma still executive produce.'" (Hip Hop Beef)

GV Says: Gotta say this....I used to love me some Bleek, but this dude is mad lazy - to me anyway. I have been waiting for this dude to blow for years now.....WTF Bleek? We were all ready?

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