Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Mo'nique's radio show has been cancelled. While the rumor mill insists it's related to an increased demand in pay, the following statement was released:

Mo’Nique, popular comedienne and host of the nationally syndicated Mo’Nique Show, will conclude her final broadcast on Wednesday, March 18th. Mo’Nique is embracing the transition from radio with a focus on furthering her career in television, film and comedy. She anticipates being involved in more motion picture films and continuing to provide her fans with what she is known for best—stand-up comedy.

GV Says: I hate to hear that.

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observing said...

I will miss the show, even though I liked the first sidekick better than the last. I do not believe that the cancellation stemmed from an increase in pay because she was not on the air for a year, the general lenght of a contract.