Thursday, March 26, 2009


So, well known attorney Gloria Allred believes authorities need to take Nadya Suleman's children away from her.

"I definitely think the babies should be placed in foster care, so they can have the consistent care that they need to have, that they are not getting from their mother," Allred told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM show.

Still fuming over Suleman's decision Monday to discontinue using the non-profit nursing group Angels In Waiting to care for her newborns, Allred says that Nadya is more interested in shopping than she is about her babies. "Of the 102 hours Angels In Waiting were in her home, Nadya only spent about eight hours in the nursery," Allred claimed.

Suleman, 33, now has four of her octuplets at her recently purchased home, along with her six other children. The other four octuplets, born prematurely in January, are still recovering at Kaiser Permanente's hospital in Bellflower, Calif.

When asked by Seacrest how Suleman spends her time when she's not at home, Allred charged, "Much of the time she's out shopping and when she returns she rarely stops in the nursery to see the babies or ask about how they are doing."

Toward the end of Allred's interview, Seacrest announced that someone had just phoned the KIIS-FM hotline to report that they'd allegedly seen Suleman shopping for five pairs of shoes. "She should be with her children and going to the hospital visiting the other four babies," Allred exclaimed. "Not going shopping."

GV Says: I think Nadya's decision to birth 8 babies was pretty ridiculous.....BUT, I have to be honest. I DO NOT think she's done anything to have her children taken away.


Anonymous said...
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Danny Trejo said...

I really don't like her. She's very irresponsible and she's acting like a celebrity. ugh!

SuzanneDeAz said...

Octomom was able to bring home 2 more babies, now she has six.