Monday, April 13, 2009


Gotta love Angela. She shuts foolishness down quickly.

Recently Bow Weezy made a side-eye comment in Giant magazine about Angela. “Angela Simmons is the love of my life. She’s a young black woman doing something incredible. “She’s a CEO of a company at 21 years old and a positive role model for kids.”

Angela, not having time for the drama quickly shut any rumors down:

Just checkin in with ya and keeping you updated with my life. Before i tell you guys about whats going on with me i wanted to address summtin that i’ve been hearing lately. i jus want to shut down any and all rumors about my relationships because you know how that can get. i am currently in the happiest relationship i have eva been in and MY other half lives in texas. so thats all i will say about that. Any person i have talked to in the past i wish them the best of luck. So anywayyyyyyyyyyyyy im excited about easter and going home to nyc to see my fam tm . im kinda feeling homesick lol. first time in 2 yrs. its finally really cacthing up to me man. i travel so much that i dont realize how long im away from home shesssssh.:) well g2g go get the hair done and have movie night with my sis and cuzzin.

so ill ttyl guys

well thanks for the love



GV Says: Gotta love a strong girl.

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Anonymous said...

Bow Wow might have been asked a question about Angela or he may have been trying to get a little pub -- BUT -- he did say only positive things about the media (or anyone else) shouldn't try to make it more than that.